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DG834 and DG834G ADSL Firewall Routers Beta Firmware Version 2.10.09

For the latest information, see the DG834 Support Page or DG834G Support Page Recent improvements include:

Troubleshooting the DG834 Router

Forgotten or Lost Router Password

How are a Computer's Ports Secured?

DG834 and DG834G ADSL Firewall Routers Beta Firmware Version 2.10.09

There is no customer support for beta firmware. They will ask you to return to a tested release before helping. The beta program is described here.

New Features Since Version 1.05.00

1. The manual adds a chapter on VPN. Refer to it before using this advanced feature.

2. Adds support for five IPSec VPN tunnel endpoints. In the later, non-beta, release this feature will be in the Advanced menu. Information on NETGEAR’s VPN client software is here on the North American Web site.
3. Adds VPN Wizard functionality to ease tunnel setup based on defaults suggested by the VPN Consortium. In the non-beta release this feature will be in the Advanced menu.
4. Updates the wireless driver. This may improve performance depending on your ISP, local radio interfence, etc.
5. Updates the ADSL microcode. ADSL2+ is now supported, and is undergoing interoperability testing with various DSLAMs.

Modifications and Fixes Since Version 1.05.00

  1. The firmware for the Annex A and Annex B versions of these routers can no longer accidentally overwrite the correct firmware.
  2. Changes DHCP lease time from 3 days to 24 hours.
  3. Sets default rule to “Drop” when NAT is disabled.
  4. Fixes a problem where the static routing table was not updated after DHCP was disabled, then enabled.
  5. Fixes various ADSL connection issues.
  6. Spanning Tree Protocol is no longer enabled.
  7. Special characters such as “/” or “$” can now be used for the PPP username and password.
  8. Fixes a problem where firewall rules specifying an IP range would not work properly.
  9. Fixes a problem where the DNS proxy would fail to respond after a while.
  10. Fixes a problem with RIP 2 (Routing Information Protocol).

Known Issues

1. Popup blockers must be disabled for some router management Web pages to appear, including the connection test page.
2. There is a problem connecting wirelessly using WPA-PSK security encryption if the checkbox to Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) is unchecked.
3. There are compatibility issues with the whiteboard on MSN Messenger 5.0.
4. If a forwarding rule is set for a server running on the LAN, the server cannot be accessed using the WAN IP of the router from a LAN station.

To Upgrade

To reach the Upgrade menu, click Router Upgrade from the Maintenance section. To upload new firmware:

1. Download and unzip the file to a convenient location such as your desktop.
2. Connect to your DG834 or DG834G using the Ethernet port.
3. In the Router Upgrade menu, click Browse and locate the .img file you unzipped in Step 1.
4. Click Upload.

Note: When uploading software, it is important not to interrupt the Web browser by closing the window, clicking a link, or loading a new page. If interrupted, it may corrupt the software. When the update completes, your router automatically restarts.

Download Link: Right-Click and Save
Size: 2.53 MB
Published: Feb. 5, 2005

This product includes software code developed by third parties, including software code subject to the GNU General Public License ("GPL") or GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL"). As applicable, the terms of the GPL and LGPL, and information on obtaining access to the GPL Code and LGPL Code used in this product, are available to you at NETGEAR's Open Source Code Web page. The GPL Code and LGPL Code used in this product is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and is subject to the copyrights of one or more authors. For details, see the GPL Code and LGPL Code for this product and the terms of the GPL and LGPL.

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