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WG111 and WG111v2 Software Version 2.1

For the latest troubleshooting, see the WG111 Support Page. Recent changes include:

WG111 Installation Problems

Speed Far Below Max with WG111

Improving Wireless Range


WG111 and WG111v2 Software Version 2.1

Versions Included

Software release version: 2.1
Driver version:
Firmware version:
Utility version:

Improvements and Fixes


1. Driver passed Microsoft WHQL certification.
2. Fixed the long waiting on the Windows XP Service Pack 2.
3. Fixed the utility handle increase that cause the memory add up and freeze the system.
4. Improved the utility by sending a probe request to update information every minute instead of every five seconds.


1. Under Windows ME, the utility will be slow because of the DHCP request handling

Installation Instructions

1. Consult the Installation Guide.

Download Link:

Size: 3.88 MB

Published: Oct. 5, 2004

Doc: D102534.htm Oct. 5, 2004

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