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Running the Adapter Diagnostic Test for Ethernet Adapters


Running the Adapter Diagnostic Test for Ethernet Adapters

Applies to all PCI adapters except PA301. PCMCIA cards do not have diagnostics.

1. Restart your computer. After the computer restarts, but before a blue Windows screen appears:

  • In Windows 95 press F8 several times until the Windows startup menu appears.
  • In Windows 98, press and hold the left control key as your computer restarts.
  • In Windows 2000, wait until a message appears on the bottom above a progress bar, then press and release F8 several times until, the Windows Options menu appears.
  • Windows XP users may need to find an earlier OS that allows running programs in DOS to run these tests.

2.Select Safe Mode, Command Prompt Only.
3. If you have the installation CD, insert it, else, if you have a floppy disk, Type
A: and put the driver disk into the floppy drive.
4. For the EA201, type
setup and select Adapter Basic Diagnostic.
5. For other cards, type
diag and press the enter key on the Welcome screen. Select the card, select all of the tests and then choose Adapter Basic Diagnostic.
6. If the card fails any test except the network test, the card is defective. If it fails the network test, then it is a defective card or there is a connection problem.

  • If the network test fails, troubleshoot the network connection.
  • The solution may also be to swap the card to a different slot. Remove the card from the original PCI slot and uninstall the driver. Reseat the card in another PCI slot and let Windows install the card using the Plug and Play New Hardware Wizard.

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